Frequently asked questions

FAQ's at Discover Parks


Here we will post answers to the questions that should prove useful to all visitors and owners alike.

Please contact the park direct if your question is not listed here. Hopefully this will build a very useful page to ease any anxiety you may have about travelling to the parks.


Is the Lakeside Bar open at Pearl Lake? 
The Lakeside is open for drinks only at the moment. The restaurant plans to open from the 23rd July serving takeaway food on Thursday, Friday Saturday and Sunday.

A full menu will be posted on our website on Monday 20th.

Are the shared facilities open (washrooms and laundry)?
Yes the facilities are open. Please be mindful that due to social distancing guidance, the facilities area has some restrictions in place. Please be patient and courteous when using the facilities.

Test and Trace, what information I need to provide?
The following information will be required for all owners, guests and visitors; 
The name and contact phone number of the owner, guest or visitor. If there is more than one person, then you can record the name and phone number of the ‘lead member’ of the group and the number of people in the group.

Are local bus services running?
Local bus services are running a limited service. 

What local pubs are open and which are serving food? 
Local pubs are open, with most taking bookings for food (booking in advance is a requirement). The opening times for food may vary but most pubs are serving food Thursday to Sunday.