Holiday lodge buyers guide

Buying your first holiday home?

It’s as easy as... 1,  2,  3

We want the experience of buying your holiday home should a joyful, exciting experience. So you are not overwhelmed by the process we have put together this brief guide to keep your head clear and focussed. If you ask the right questions now then everything will fall into place a lot quicker.

1: Choose Your Park

We believe that THE compelling reason to buy the holiday home of your choice is all down to the quality of the park and what it can offer, especially when you consider that the exact same holiday home is probably available on a number of other parks.
In the excitement it is very easy to focus solely on your dream holiday home. Sadly, for some, it is also very easy to overlook what the park has to offer. If you do buy on a park that does not suit your needs, then there is a good chance you will not visit as often as you had planned. For many reasons, we believe that when buying a holiday home, by far and away the most important piece of the puzzle is getting the park right.

We will help you to take the time to make sure you get this step right. If you are still unsure before you commit, it is a really good idea to book a short break at the park; stay overnight to see how the park settles down in the evening, or plan a weekend away and see how easy it is to fill your days?
Our honest, no pressure approach to sales - as well as a commitment to helping you make the right buying choices - will help you to make the right decision.

Things to consider:

  • How long does it take to travel to the park?

  • What is the surrounding area have to offer?

  • What can I do off-park

  • What can I do on-park

  • Is it good for children

  • Is it good for pets

  • What the running costs

How long does it take to travel to the park?
We believe that this is an enormously important piece of the jigsaw. Arguably you will use your holiday home a lot more if it is only a couple of hours (or less) away. This does not mean that you should only choose parks within this travel time, but does pose the question of how you plan to use it. For spontaneous short breaks and weekends away - maybe even surprise trips or birthday treats - it is a huge advantage to travel to a closer park. If you know that you will take longer holidays then maybe travel distance is less important. Also ask yourself if you want to be travelling on the motorway for 4 hours before you arrive and you can start to relax. How refreshed do you want to be when you arrive?

Rockbridge Park location


What does the park and the surrounding area have to offer?
Rockbridge is the perfect 'get away from it all' location, with clear night skies and a relaxing atmosphere. If you want to do a little more, what activities are on offer surrounding the park? Rockbridge is surrounded by beautiful scenery - abundant countryside walks with rivers and forests, historical trails and buildings. National Trust properties, tea rooms / cafes, art galleries and country fairs, you are never short of something to do.
If you want to travel farther afield there is Hereford or Ludlow, both of huge historical interest as well as The Elan Valley, Hay-on-Wye, Brecon Beacons... the list goes on and on.

Although this is about your dream holiday home, don't forget the mundane questions either. How far is it for fuel? Where is the nearest supermarket? Don't worry, we have the answers to all your questions.

What to do out and about


What can I do on park?
Are you planning to spend all your time on the park? This can be perfect for that reset at the end of a long week. What on-park facilities would you like?
Rockbridge is a peaceful haven for couples. It is not geared to children and families that are looking for play areas and a clubhouse. It is a quiet riverside park with a relaxing atmosphere.
Would you just like to relax in the peace and quiet or have a park with lots of activities to hand? You may not want any on-park facilities - which is your choice, but this can mean it is more important to see what the surrounding area has to offer.

lifestyle and activities


Do site fees and running costs suit your budget?
There are no hidden costs, we will lay it all out for you so there are no surprises along the way. It is very important to allow for annual running costs as well as to factor in any additional costs required to get you on park and settled.
We will always try and quote you a 'moving in' price. This will include the price of the holiday home, pro-rata fees for site fees, rates and insurance. We can offer a group policy* for the insurance, but there is no obligation to take this if you want to get a quote or use your own insurer. 
Once purchased, there are 4 annual running costs: site fees, rates, insurance, gas & electric (gas & electric are metered as used and billed twice a year).

*Discover Parks Ltd is an Appointed Representative of Bspoke Lifestyle Ltd and is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, FRN number 413858. Compass Insurance is a trading name of Bspoke Lifestyle Ltd, registered in England and Wales under Company Number: 11429456 at Registered address: 7 Pullman Court, Great Western Road, Gloucester GL1 3ND. Bspoke Lifestyle Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, FRN Number: 820727.

site fees and running costs at Rockbridge


Is the park suitable for children?
If you have children, how will they be occupied on-park? Is there wi-fi, a games room, a play area or do you want them to have a more natural 'back to nature' experience? How will they be occupied off-park? Again, are there places to go, things to see and do?

What can the kids do on park?


Is the park pet friendly?
Rockbridge is a dog friendly holiday park. Ask if there are there good walks on and off park? Is there somewhere to walk the dog as soon as you arrive after your journey? Are the nearby pubs and cafes pet friendly? Can you walk directly from park without having to take them somewhere in the car to walk first thing in the morning? Rockbridge has a dedicated, secure, off-lead exercise field for your dogs - somewhere they can blow off steam and use up some energy. We are very proud of our fabulous 'dog wash' - a shower room with hot shower and hair drier just for your pooch. We believe we have everything you need to ensure your pet enjoys their time here too.

rockbridge park is dog friendly

2. Choose your holiday home

Questions to ask:

  • Outlook patio doors

  • How many bedrooms, 2 or 3

  • Open plan living area or separate kitchen

  • Do you want a proper bath or just a shower room

  • Don't forget the budget!

Do you want patio doors?
All of the lodges and holiday homes at Rockbridge have patio doors - either to the front or side elevation, sometimes both. If you choose to have decking, this can make the most of your view and your plot location. You could walk straight out onto the decking from the living area - just perfect for that morning coffee or sunset glass of wine! IT's true that you will never tire of the view here.

How many bedrooms do you want?
Would you like your holiday home to suit you most of the time or be able to accommodate visitors all of the time? A two bedroom holiday home is absolutely perfect if it is just for two. You have a second bedroom if you have guests / friends come to stay overnight, or you could use the second bedroom as a study / studio space.
If you have guests a few weekends per year then it is easy to believe you need a 3 bedroom holiday home. However, most holiday homes have a sofa bed in the living area. This can double up as a third / guest bedroom for the few times when needed. Thus, a 2 bedroom holiday home could offer a better layout for the majority of your time on park. If, however, there will be 6+ people sleeping every time you visit then a 3 bedroom holiday home offers much more flexibility for you.

Is an open plan living area best?
An open plan living area has the advantage of being more sociable, it can create a fantastic space where the whole family can interact. A separate lounge can be more cosy and offers different spaces for different activities without disturbing each other - is that atmospheric movie moment spoiled by turning the mixer on in the kitchen? The separate lounge, with a sofa bed,  can work well and offer privacy as a third bedroom for visitors.

Do you need a bathroom or is a shower room ok?
I think it is safe to say that every holiday home will have at least one shower room. Some holiday homes may have a bathroom with a shower over, some may also have an en-suite w.c. or, even better, an en-suite bathroom or shower room. It can feel very luxurious having your own private facilities - like a posh hotel! Again, if you do have guests or family staying with you then an additional shower room can offer much more flexibility when.

Don't forget the budget
It can be overwhelming if there is a lot of stock to view, we will help you through these questions to find the right answers. One must always keep budget in mind, and when you add the 'must-haves' on your list to the budget then you should be left with a select few holiday homes that tick all of your boxes. Simples!

see what we have for sale

3: Choose Your Plot

Not all holiday homes have a choice of plots. Nevertheless these are the important points to consider.

Questions to ask:

  • Which way does the plot face?

  • Where is it on the park?

  • What view do you want?

  • How easy is it to get to my holiday home?

Orientation - which direction does the plot face?
Would you prefer to have a shady spot or are you a ‘sun worshipper’?
Consider where the sun will rise and set each day. If you have decking, do you want the sun to be on it all day or is an alfresco breakfast more important to you that a sunset glass of wine? Of course, you can want (and have) both.

Where do you want to be on park?
Would you like riverside access outside your front door or is it more important to have a short walk to village?
Do you want to be close to the surrounding walks?
Would you like to be in the centre of the community, or in a quiet corner watching the world go by?

What view do you want?
Do you want to see your neighbours or would you prefer to not see another caravan and instead see just the wildlife through the patio doors?
Do you want to be looking out across the river to the hills beyond? Do you want an elevated plot on the higher ground or would you like something more intimate in the heart of the park?

Is it easy to access?
Every holiday home plot at Rockbridge has an adjacent, private parking space for at least 1 vehicle. This is a huge benefit for you when you have just arrived on park with your bags or returned laden down from a shopping trip? Do you need access for a mobility scooter (Ramps can be fitted to decking)?

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