The Bearded Chef!

Bearded Chef

Yup, he’s been busy in the kitchen again. Behind the doors you can hear pans clattering and words that should never be uttered in public. The door bursts open in a cloud of steam and aromas and, when it clears, standing there is Craig. Drained of emotion; bereft of strength; completely spent. Yet, he has new creations to show for his endeavours. The turmoil has gone, the artist is sated, the creator happy to display the fruits of his labour.
A new menu is born, a few dishes of which are here to whet your appetite.

Salmon & King Prawn Alfredo         £10.95
King prawns & salmon
in a creamy garlic, herb & Parmesan sauce
with tagliatelle & garlic flat bread

Mediterranean Vegetable Lasagne     £6.95
Roasted Mediterranean vegetables with layers of pasta & cheese sauce topped with cheddar & mozzarella,
served with garlic flat bread & salad

Herefordshire Hotpot             £11.95
Diced lamb & beef, slow cooked in a thick red wine gravy with root vegetables topped with sautéed potatoes,
with braised red cabbage & bread roll with butter

Paella Fried Rice                 £8.95
A mixture of meats, seafood & vegetables combined with yellow rice, wok fried with herbs & spices, served with mini vegetable spring rolls, prawn crackers & hoi sin dipping sauce